All cells on earth have a complex and unique coat of glycans (also called sugars or carbohydrates). Increasing evidence suggests that both in health and disease these cell surface glycans play a vital role in cellular communication: the transfer of biological information via glycans. Our laboratory works in the exiting area of chemical glycobiology. We develop smart glycan-based chemical probes that help illuminate and perturb the role of glycans and the proteins involved in their life-cycle. We particularly focus on the role of glycans in symbiotic (commensal, mutualistic & parasitic) interactions between organisms at the molecular level in the human gut microbiome (between us and microbes) and in the rhizosphere (between plants and microbes). Our research spans the fields of synthetic organic chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology and proteomics. For more information check our research interests & publications section.

Do you have an interest in our research? Our young and interdisciplinary lab is growing and we are always looking out for talented students and researchers. You are encouraged to enquire about the possibility of joining our dynamic team. Please contact Tom for possibilities and more information.

The Wennekes lab is part of the Department of Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery (headed by Prof. dr. Geert-Jan Boons) within the Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research and the Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS) at the Utrecht University Faculty of Science.