Research Interests

Under construction….

Current research topics:

  • Getting a grip on microbial sialic acids in the human gut: Synthesis and biological evaluation of microbial sialic acids and their derivatives (in collaboration with Willem de Vos) (PhD student: Tjerk Sminia).
  • Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of ganglioside derivatives and their evaluation as epitopes for antibodies associated with Guillain-Barr√© syndrome (in collaboration with Erasmus MC).
  • Bio-functionalization of porous aluminum oxide culturing chips for targeted capture and growth of microbes (in collaboration with Willem de Vos) (PhD student: Aline Debrassi).
  • Chemistry in bloom: Design, Synthesis & Biological Evaluation of a Molecular Toolkit for the Study of Plant Flowering (in collaboration with Richard Immink & Gerco Angenent) (PhD student: Jorin Hoogenboom).
  • Getting one-on-one with Cholera toxin: Design, synthesis and evaluation of multivalent ganglioside GM1os derivatives and mimics for cholera toxin inhibition.
  • Development of a PNA-based biosensor for detection of genetic material from pathogens (PhD student: Digvijay Gahtory).
  • Development¬†of Covalently Attached Organocatalysts in Microreactors (PhD student: Bas van den Berg).


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